Headshot is concentrated personality

The digital headshot session is designed to highlight your personality and create photos to market yourself. Our job is to overcome the gap of our perception of a person and still image. We seek confidence, simplicity, and consistency of your look (image).


I like to shoot a minimum of 3 different looks during one session. Shooting a range of looks allows you to have multiple images available to suit different purposes. Background is simple: white, gray, black. Atmosphere is fun and friendly :)

During a session I usually take anywhere between 100 and 200 shots and we end up with between 50-75 final shots to review and approve as potential candidates. I shoot each look until we’ve got it covered.


Please bring at least 5 to 10 different outfits. The most important criteria: You have to love it and feel comfortable. Your top half is most important but if your evening dress makes you feel confident and happy, wear it. Don't be seasonal, everything from t-shirts to coats work. Different textures and solid colours are best, avoid busy patterns, crazy colours and reflective textiles.


We prefer to apply makeup at the studio specifically for photographic lighting. For the best results remember sleep well and avoid alcohol the night before the shoot. We recommend having your hair professionally done somewhere you're familiar and comfortable with.



Headshot session - AUD 495

Headshot session includes professional makeup, 2 hours in front of the camera, 3 hi end retouched 36 MPx photo (colour and b&w), multiple selected unretouched photo. Every additional retouched photo costs AUD 49.


The studio is located at 93 Liverpool Street (World Tower), Sydney 2000

You can contact me via the following:

email: session@frolov.photography

If you have questions feel free to ask, we look forward to hearing from you!

phone: 0283.771.000 (voicemail)

Slava Frolov

Viktoria Maksymova